CAJ Hughes


An experienced software professional, with a history of delivering solutions to plan and on budget. My background includes a broad range of experience with leading organisations:

DocuSignTechnical Consultant
With a strong knowledge of the DocuSign cloud platform, I specialise in working with customers looking to integrate DocuSign into their IT landscape through use of the REST / SOAP APIs.
VendavoTechnical Account Manager
I worked directly with Vendavo customers to plan, manage and deliver projects implementing the Java-based Vendavo pricing software suite for a variety of companies including American Tire, Medtronic, and Philips.
Fairfax MediaDevelopment Manager
I led the team responsible for developing and enhancing the in-house CMS used by both Austereo and Fairfax editors to manage and maintain some of the most popular sites in Australia (including,
ObjectiveDevelopment Manager
I led the team responsible for developing the HTML/JavaScript/CSS interface to the company's ECM solution, delivering a significant re-write of the interface to transform it from an ActiveX-dependent solution to one that made use of open standards to be browser independent.
AribaLead Consultant
I helped to establish the Professional Services teams in Europe & Australia, and was instrumental in the technical software delivery for a wide range of customers including Commonwealth Bank, Lion Nathan, and Telecom NZ.
OracleSupport Consultant / QA Engineer / Software Engineer / Development Manager
I joined Oracle as a member of their Technical Support team, and subsequently transferred to work in and lead engineering teams responsible for the Oracle Forms and Oracle Discoverer products, with a particular focus on transforming them to web-based solutions.


As someone that experienced the “home computer” revolution as a child, I'm keen to help young people understand more about how technology works, and how that knowledge can help them in the future.

Code ClubCode Club Volunteer
I have successfully run code clubs at two schools in the Warwick area, introducing programming concepts to primary school children.
Leamington Rugby Football ClubRugby Coach / Referee
I am a volunteer coach & referee in the Junior section of Leamington Rugby Club.
STEMSTEM Ambassador
I have attended a number of STEM events, with a focus on helping young people understand the possibilities of STEM-related hobbies & businesses.


I enjoy most sports, but have always loved and followed cricket, having grown up around 200 metres from my local ground.

ECB ACOCricket Umpire
I have umpired in the Warwickshire Cricket League for a number of years, and still enjoy playing in the occasional “friendly” game.
Warwick HHHHash House Harrier
I have run with various chapters of the Hash House Harriers club over the years, originally with Sydney Thirsty and most recently with Warwick.
I develop/maintain a number of small open-source projects, when I have time.


My children were both born while I was living and working in Australia and, as we were a long way from the rest of the family, I kept a record of their early years.

I kept a family blog at
Family photos can be found at
I published a podcast of family videos at Hughes of Balmain.


As a technologist, I used to be an “early adopter” on many of the social media platforms but, as more of my time switched to raising my family, I don't spend much time on any of them nowadays. However, if you really want, try searching for "cajhughes" and you may find me...